Rethink is product that allows review of the documents. It mainly supports the Clinical trails and Banking processes. Rethink define the key activities, participants, timeline, and requirements for an organization to implement review and track of any document status. By using the tool the communication will be between the organizations, groups and group of management. The tool allows to do Review and commenting on the document. It does provide the reconcile comments in a nice format. It’s like your threads but it has so many features. It supports all the browsers. It is a web based application.

The user/group/organization/management can upload the document to be reviewed and can do the commenting on the document sections. The tool allows defining roles that have been assigned on the review. The tool has embedded spell check and track changes. The Tool provides nice reports of the user status that what percentage they have completed on reviewing the document. It does send the follow-up emails to the users and managers. Script2IT, Inc. provides a 24/7 customer/technical support. The tool will guarantee that the turnaround time for a reviewing the document will be increased at least 80% faster than the reviewing paper based review. It does allow you to get the strategy reports that how many days a review took and where it has been delayed in a nice graphical format.